Accommodate Your Growing Family With Home Additions In Fairfax VA

As your household expands and evolves, you want to make sure that your living environment is capable of meeting everyone’s needs. Whether you have adult children returning home for a short stay after college, an elderly parent moving in, or a new baby on the way, making changes in the current building structure could be essential for ensuring continued usability. Do you need home additions in Fairfax VA? If so, then get in touch with SVC Homes LLC right now.

At SVC Homes, we’re experienced in working with a very vast range of needs. Some of our clients are interested in building mobility-friendly additions that are perfect for age-in-place seniors. We can transition basement and attic areas into livable spaces, or we can build right onto the existing building structure to increase square footage and the amount of usable area that residents have access to.

Our team is well-versed in all local building codes and this means that you can rest assured the results are guaranteed to follow all pertinent regulations. We will obtain the necessary permitting. Moreover, we will also make sure that the final building structure is as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. This is accomplished by using cutting-edge design strategies, first-rate insulation, and features and amenities that keep your house easy to heat and cool, and enjoyable to live in.

With the right design strategies, we can also make sure that your addition gets ample light and proper ventilation. We are also adept at incorporating heating and cooling features such as mini-split AC systems into our designs. No matter what your goals are or what your budget may be, we can help you reach your targets in a timely and affordable fashion.

Another major benefit of working with us is being able to significantly enhance the overall value of your property. This is a great way to make your investment more appealing in the local market, and to keep it on par or even ahead of the current market standards. Adding a new unit or a new living space can also allow you to generate passive income by obtaining a paying tenant.

Not only are we adept in incorporating the latest and most innovative features into our projects, but we are also well-aware of the current historical value of many homes within the greater Fairfax area. As such, we are also able to add on to dated structures, without tampering with or eliminating key historical features. Find out how a home addition builder can help you get more value and enjoyment from your current home. Call 703-426-2747 today for a free estimate!

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